The uncertain future for the Bahamians left homeless by Dorian

Hurricane Dorian had hit the Bahamas like no other storm on record. The ferocious Category 5 hurricane with 185-mph winds that sat and spun over the island for 40 straight hours was the strongest hurricane observed so far north in the North Atlantic Basin.

Tens of thousand of people have lost their homes on Abaco and Grand Bahama, according to the United Nations: “70,000 people were in immediate need of life-saving assistance” in the archipelago. The most urgent needs are currently food, water, shelter and medicine.


A cruise ship brought nearly 1,500 hurricane survivors from the Bahamas to a port in Florida on Saturday. Most of them were picked up by family members or were provided transportation, 50 of them will be housed at a shelter, Palm Beach County officials said.

There’s still controversy after 119 people expecting to evacuate the Island on a ferry were told to get off if they didn’t have visas to enter the US. The ferry  operator apologized for the incident.

Bahamas Prime Minister, Hubert Minnis said that the country would start rebuilding the residents communities so they could return home. Meantime, the survivors are telling the stories of destruction and devastation.


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