Venezuela’s new cryptocurrency: Scam likely?

Even though nothing suprises us anymore, the government of Nicolas Maduro, came out with a new idea: the “Petro”, cryptocurrency backed by the country’s reservers of oil, gas, gold and diamonds.

One unit of the Petro will be backed by one barrel from Venezuela’s oil, valued at $59. The plan is to issue 100 million petros in an attempt to recover the economy of the country, which has been suffering hyperinflation and devaluation for years.

The buyer’s manual: White Paper Petro is the only original document released by the goverment of  Venezuela that explains how users can get this coin.

But the real question is, Can we trust on this coin? or is another government instrument? In fact, is very hard to believe in a cryptocurrency controlled by the Venezuelan government with such a reputation of corrupt, where almost all the companies are a big lie, starting with PDVSA. (and also knowing that the country is not producing enough oil to accomplish its existing dollar obligation)

Is not a secret that the state oil company PDVSA, has at least 50 cases of corruption and oil production sabotage. The most recent is against five Venezuelan officials that, according with the U.S Justice Department, “They are accused of soliciting bribes in exchange for helping vendors win favorable treatment from state oil company PDVSA, the latest case to stem from a $1 billion graft probe”

We don’t know yet what’s gonna happen. One thing is certain, life is full of surprises and Venezuela is the country where anything can happen. Feel free to share your opinion on the coments

March For Our Lives

Survivors of florida school shooting announce ‘March For Our Lives’ to demand the end of gun violence and mass shootings in all accross the country. The collective will be taking the city of Washington DC on March 24 to push for gun control.

The suffering caused by this episode is too much to handle. But the students, teachers and members of the community are calling to a change into the weapon policies with the purpose of ensure the lives and futures of childern                                     

If you want to participate in your community, or make any donation, sign up in the March For Our Lives to follow the details of the movement.









Terrifying facts about the shooting in South Florida

Nikolas Cruz, 19, was the gunman who entered the school campus of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and began shooting with a AR-15 to all the students and teachers that he saw in the hallways.

In a news conference, Scott Israel, Broward Sheriff explained that Cruz arrived to the school at 2:19 pm and two minutes later, he started shooting into several classrooms. After killing people in the first and second floor, he dropped his gun on the third floor and ran away.

Here are the facts:

  • According to the Gun Violence Archive, this is the 30rd massive shooting in 2018, and we are only in february.
  • The institute also revealed that since 2012, at least 1,829 people died and 6,447 were wounded.
  • When he was only 18 years old, Nikolas Cruz, bouth his weapon in a legally way. Cruz was not old enough to buy alcohol, but could legally buy a semi-automatic AR 15 rifle.
  • The man who killed the 58 people in Las Vegas had 23 guns in his hotel room, including an AR-15 rifle.
  • In United States there are 89 guns per 100 people.

If you want to know more about the history of the mass shootings in USA, I invite you to read this article by the journalist OLIVIA B. WAXMAN

Why Americans Started Buying Military-Style Weapons Like the One Used in the Florida Shooting